Cooking workshops 2022

We return to our beloved “Botánico workshop” project with a program of practical cooking classes for all levels.

“Botánico taller” was born in 2017 as a project to teach cooking classes and workshops.
The starting ideas were two: on the one hand, to share the knowledge and experience of the professionals who work at Botanico and, on the other, to stimulate the use and enjoyment of our facilities outside lunch and dinner hours.

In these four years we have collaborated with professional chefs or simply with people in love with gastronomy who have taught a wide range of courses, workshops, classes, seminars, etc. for audiences of all ages.

The program that we present now is aimed at showing and deepening the basics of cooking and its application to any recipe or dish.

It can be followed as it appears here or modified on demand for a minimum group of four participants.

Taught by Esther Vidal.
Director and founding partner of Botánico café.
Chef graduated from the Cordon Bleu International Cooking School in Paris.

Three classes 100 euros.

Botánico café
Málaga Street 3. 18001 Granada

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