bar / terrace

Apple and raspberry crumble   6,00 / 6,80
Pieces of caramelised apple with raspberries topped with a crunchy layer of butter cookie crumbs and vanilla ice cream.

Brookie with salted caramel ice cream 5,50 / 6,00
A brownie-cookie fusion: dark chocolate and walnut brownie topped with a dark chocolate chip butter cookie.

French toast with mandarin sorbet 5,50 / 6,00
Brioche French toast with orange and cinnamon
flavoured custard.

Mango malai 4,80 / 5,30
Cream of yogurt with mango pulp flavoured with nutmeg. Gluten free.

Fresh cheesecake 4,70 / 5,20
With red fruit compote. Gluten free.