bar / terrace

Vietnamese Spring Rolls   9,50 / 10,45
Six baked wheat pastry rolls, filled with vegetables, pork and prawns, with a sweet and sour sauce and aromatic herbs.

Causa limeña with chicken and avocado 10,00 / 11,00
Potato salad, chicken, avocado, and quail egg. Dressed with yellow chili pepper mayonnaise, purple onion and lime. Slightly spicy.
Can be ordered without chicken (*).

Chicken nachos with cheese 11,50 / 12,55
Corn tortilla with shredded chicken, Cheddar and Gouda cheeses, spicy Mexican sauce and jalapeño chilli pepper.
Extra guacamole: +2,00.
May be ordered without chicken (*): 9,50 / 10,45.

Veggie quesadilla  *  7,40 / 8,15
Two Mexican wheat tortillas stuffed with courgette, mushrooms, and caramelised onion with melted cheese.
Extra guacamole: +2,00.

Marinated beef burrito 11,00 / 12,00
Two Mexican wheat tortillas rolled and stuffed with marinated yearling beef, spiced with chipotle chilli and jalapeño peppers, with melted Gouda and red Cheddar cheese.
Extra guacamole: +2,00.

(*) Vegetarian dish.