Botánico is a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, a space for restoration, leisure and culture.
Located in one of the most attractive corners of the historic center, in front of the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Law, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, we have, throughout the year, a privileged terrace on a pedestrian street.
Our menu is very varied: Mediterranean-based dishes with specialties from other cuisines around the world. We have vegetarian dishes and large-format salads.
Since our opening, we offer a menu of the day from Monday to Friday at noon: nine homemade market cuisine dishes. We always include vegetarian options.
On weekends we complete our offer with a selection of off-menu dishes that we also publish on the website.
Botánico is linked to the cultural and university life of the city and we always have different projects underway: exhibitions, cooking workshops, various activities, etc.

To start getting to know us here is our menu:


December 2023

Vietnamese Spring Rolls 12,10 / 13,10

Six baked wheat pastry rolls, filled with vegetables, pork and prawns, with a sweet and sour sauce and aromatic herbs.
* Can be ordered without coriander.

Bacon Bo Ssam Gluten free 12,50 / 13,50

Six units. A bite of glazed bacon cooked at a low temperature with soy, dry sherry and honey. It is served on fresh lettuce leaves with avocado, coriander and mint. With kimchi mayonnaise and pickled red onion.

Roasted eggplant and onions with hummus, harissa oil and za’atar Gluten free Vegetarian dish 12,00 / 13,00

With yogurt and tamarind sauce. A little spicy. Served with arabic bread grilled.
* Option with corn tortilla chips.

Roasted cauliflower with beans, smoked feta, bacon and cashew nut Gluten free 12,00 / 13,00

Roasted and toasted cauliflower with butter, green beans sautéed in the wok. With smoked feta cheese cream and egg yolk cooked at a low temperature.
* Vegetarian option: without bacon

Causa limeña with chicken and avocado Gluten free 14,50 / 15,50

Potato salad, chicken, avocado, and egg. Dressed with yellow chili pepper mayonnaise, purple onion, lime and black olive coulis. Slightly spicy.
* Vegetarian option: without chicken.

Chicken nachos with cheese Gluten free 15,00 / 16,00

Corn tortilla with shredded chicken, Cheddar and Gouda cheeses, spicy Mexican sauce and jalapeño chilli pepper.

* Vegetarian option: without chicken 12,30 / 13,30
* Extra de guacamole: +2,00.
* Can be ordered without coriander.

Gluten free Gluten free
Vegetarian dish Vegetarian dish

Seasonal green salad with pumpkin, sweet potato and caramelized hazelnutss Gluten free Vegetarian dish 14,00 / 15,00

Mix of green leaves with sweet potato in syrup, roasted pumpkin, caramelized hazelnuts with curry, cherry tomato and chives. With spiced balsamic vinaigrette with fresh basil, cinnamon, clove and cane honey.

Green salad with pear, orange, walnuts and blue cheese cream Gluten free Vegetarian dish 14,00 / 15,00

Endive and oak leaf salad with roasted pear, orange wedges and honey-lime vinaigrette.

Burrata salad with tomato and “ajoblanco” with macadamia nuts Vegetarian dish 15,00 / 16,00

With green sprouts and basil oil.

Gluten free Gluten free
Vegetarian dish Vegetarian dish

Hamburger 14,50 / 15,50

Pajuna beef burger (Pajuna is a local beef breed) with bacon, tomato, Scamorza smoked cheese, and onion caramelised with honey. Served with artisan bread and fries.

Black sirloin with pickled vegetables Gluten free 17,00 / 18,00

Cut of pork sirloin with gravy, wrapped in black sesame seeds and served with dehydrated shiitake mushrooms, a pickled salad consisting of carrot, zucchini, shimeji mushrooms and beetroot and celeriac mash.

Grilled pork with red pepper salad roasts Gluten free 18,00 / 19,00

Grilled “ibérico” pork loin with salad of roasted sweet peppers flavoured with cumin, vinegar, Maldon salt and olive oil. Served with baked potatoes with garlic and rosemary.

Chicken souvlaki 15,00 / 16,00

Spiced chicken thighs, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Served with three wheat tortillas and tzatziki sauce. * Option with corn tortillas.

Cochinita pibil pork tacos Gluten free 15,00 / 16,00

Four tacos of pulled pork marinated with spices, orange, lemon, and chile habanero pepper and slow-cooked. Served with pickled red onion and fresh coriander. Slightly spicy. * Can be ordered without coriander.

Mexican fajitas 15,00 / 16,00

Chicken strips marinated in spices and stir-fried with finely chopped onions and peppers. Served with three wheat tortilla.

* Option with corn tortillas * Vegan option: with mushrooms * Side order of guacamole and sour cream: +2,00. * Can be ordered without coriander.

Salmon with roasted beetroot and “green pipián” Gluten free 18,00 / 19,00

Roasted salmon with roasted beetroot and lamb’s lettuce with sour cream and raspberry vinegar. With “green pipián”: emulsion of pumpkin seeds, sesame oil, coriander, lettuce, garlic and lime.

Sea bass with peanut bagna cauda Gluten free 18,00 / 19,00

Grilled sea bass fillets with a garnish of fennel, red onion and roasted carrots. Sauce with cream, anchovy, garlic, olive oil and peanut butter.

Vegetable crumble with parmesan cheese Vegetarian dish 15,00 / 16,00

Gratin of courgette and aubergine with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella. Gratin with butter cookie and parmesan cheese crust.

Cheek cannelloni 16,00 / 17,00

Fresh pasta cannelloni stuffed with stewed beef cheek with tomato confit, gratin with bechamel and parmesan cheese.

Garganelli sautéed with Caponata Vegetarian dish 13,00 / 14,00

Fresh egg and wheat pasta sautéed with aubergine, red pepper and onion. With tomato sauce, garlic and ricotta.

Sheep ricotta and pine nut ravioli Vegetarian dish 16,00 / 17,00

Fresh pasta ravioli with arugula, dried tomato, basil and pistachio pesto with parmesan cheese.

Gluten free Gluten free
Vegetarian dish Vegetarian dish

Passionfruit cake 6,80 / 7,50

Cake with biscuit base and passionfruit cream.

Apple and raspberry crumble 7,50 / 8,30

Pieces of caramelised apple with raspberries topped with a crunchy layer of butter cookie crumbs and vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate and almond cake Gluten free 6,80 / 7,50

With vanilla ice cream. Gluten free.

Fresh cheesecake Gluten free 6,80 / 7,50

With red fruit compote. Gluten free.

Gluten free Gluten free
Vegetarian dish Vegetarian dish